Chimney Cleaning and “All Points” Inspection

$189 Fort Wayne Area

Every chimney cleaning includes an inspection of all components of the chimney and fireplace, both inside and outside.  We have perfected the cleaning process and guarantee to leave your home free and clear of any dust or mess.  Any safety issues found will be presented with an estimate for repair, to the homeowner upon completion. See our coupon page for great chimney cleaning deals and discounts!

old chimney

Chimney Repair

No matter how big or small, we are equipped to take on any size job, and guarantee an honest and fair quote.  We will take as much time as needed to go through all the possible options for repair with you so that you can make the best decision for your situation.  And EVERY repair we do will come with a warranty between 1 -15 years

See our coupon page for deals and discounts on chimney and fireplace repairs!!


Caps and Dampers

Having no chimney caps, or a damaged or missing damper are the most pointed out issues by home inspectors.  Not having a cap for your chimney and flue would be comparable to having no roof on your home.  It will allow for rain, snow, leaves and sticks, and even animals to come right down inside your  chimney and possibly your fireplace.  Not having a rather inexpensive cap can lead to very expensive repairs! A damaged or missing damper will result in loss of heat or air conditioning and cost you money!!!


Gas Fireplace / Gas log Installation

Gas fireplace appliances are becoming extremely relevant in today’s market.   Whether you just want an evening fire occasionally or even just on holidays, or you want to supplement your heat bill, we offer a variety of both vent free and vented gas log systems.  Converting to gas can sometimes be the solution for  extensive damage to a chimney or fireplace and may be a more cost-effective option. Give us a call to schedule an inspection or free estimate!


Dryer Vent Cleaning

$149 Fort Wayne Area

In the United States, there are more dryer vent fires than there are chimney fires. The national fire protection association recommends annual cleanings of your dryer vent. On every dryer vent cleaning we clean the vent by both blowing from inside with 200+ mph air, coupled with a 4” snake brush that agitates the entire vent from the outside in. Check out our coupons page for deals and discounts on dryer vent cleanings!


Real Estate Inspections


Full inspection of the entire system from top to bottom inside and out!  Will always work with any and all parties involved to educate everyone on any issues found and also the different options available for repair and the different costs for each.  We also offer a pay-at-closing option for ALL real estate deals.


At All Points we pride ourselves in trying to be the best and doing the best work possible, ALWAYS.  No matter what type of work you have done, it will be warrantied for at least one year.