All Points Chimney Service

All Points Chimney Service is a local, family-owned business, with 20 plus years of experience in chimney and dryer vent cleaning and repair. We pride ourselves on quality work at an honest and fair price, guaranteed.  For most any damaged chimney and/or fireplace, there will be multiple options when it comes to repairing it.  Rather than give an estimate for the highest price, or highest profit margin, we guarantee to ALWAYS educate every homeowner as to ALL the options available to them regardless of the cost no matter how big or small.

Each service tech at All Points has successfully completed a nationally recognized certification course through Certified Chimney Professionals

Selling Your Home?

Have an “all points” Chimney and/or dryer vent inspection done BEFORE listing your home!!

Most of today’s home inspectors are not certified or qualified in chimneys/dryer vents and almost always require a certified sweep to do the inspection.  However, there are a few things on chimneys that home inspectors do look for, i.e. flashing, crowns or top plates, dampers, and caps, and may point out and require to be addressed.  If issues are pointed out at home inspection by the inspector it’s likely the potential buyers will ask for multiple bids to repair the work.  It’s very possible the potential buyers may want the most expensive of the bids or options.  By having ALL issues addressed BEFORE listing the home and going to home inspection, you will avoid this possible nightmare.


At All Points we pride ourselves in trying to be the best and doing the best work possible, ALWAYS.  No matter what type of work you have done, it will be warrantied for at least one year.